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Our dedicated and caring team at Dominiack Legal Services, LLC is committed to helping Indiana residents with their divorce, custody, child support, parenting time issues, paternity, bankruptcy, estate planning, and personal injury cases.  In these types of cases, we strive to help you deal with the stress of the situation so that you come out with a fresh start in a new chapter of your life.  We limit the amount of cases we take on so we can assure clients they will get the personal attention they deserve.  Often clients have no idea what is going on -- because they have never been involved in any legal proceeding.  Law and Order aside, most clients have never been in a court room or stood before a judge.  The best method for overcoming your fears is by having someone -- experienced dealing in the law with judges and other attorneys -- willing to take the time you need to educate you.  Julie will take the time you need to learn and navigate through your legal case.  Remember our focus is your Success!   

We do appreciate your taking the time to consider becoming a part of our family.  However, you are likely to have additional questions -- specific to your case.  When you do, keep in mind, we offer a free 30 minute consultation.  Click on the contact us button and call me now.  I really look forward to helping you through this difficult time.



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  • Julie is an amazing attorney. I highly recommend her! My previous attorney charged me for every I...

    Julie is an amazing attorney. I highly recommend her! My previous attorney charged me for every I dotted, every t crossed and then charged me for time spent charging me. My previous attorney wasted a LOT of my time and money. Believe me when I say that I have experiences w other attorneys to compare Ms. Dominiack to. She and her staff are kind, knowledgable and diligent, EXACTLY what a person needs in an attorney. No, I am not related to her. I just want readers to see this review and know Julie is the real deal and will get the job done for a reasonable price.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • I consulted several lawyers for my divorce and custody case. I was disenchanted with my results. ...

    I consulted several lawyers for my divorce and custody case. I was disenchanted with my results. My case was not cut and dry. My husband had abused my child, but he was not charged due to the incompetenence of our local cps office. I had one very pricy lawyer in the area flat out refuse my case – after paying a consultation fee – silly me. Others made it clear that they were far from interested, had a total lack of empathy, or showed such skepticism of my story that it was obvious they did not believe me.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    Amazing lawyer & wonderful person


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Julie A. Dominiack

Julie A. Dominiack is an attorney with Dominiack Legal Services, LLC where she practices in the area of family law, bankruptcy, business and personal estate planning and litigation. Julie attended Indiana University for her undergraduate and law degrees. She earned her J.D. from the Indianapolis campus of Indiana University in 2005. Following her graduation, Julie moved and practiced in Atlanta, Georgia for six (6) years. In Georgia, Julie’s practice was concentrated on general litigation, family law, and commercial real estate. As she is a native of Indiana and her family remained in the South Bend area, Julie and her daughter moved to South Bend in 2011. Julie started her own practice at that time, and has been in private practice since that time.


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We do not reflexively file a bankruptcy for clients until we have analyzed their situation to determine that bankruptcy is an appropriate approach to their financial issues. We will help you engage in effective asset protection prior to filing bankruptcy and also advise you regarding the appropriate timing of filing your bankruptcy.


Personal Injury

Our dedicated and caring personal injury team at Dominiack Law Group, LLC is committed to helping those who have suffered debilitating and painful injuries or that have lost someone they love because of the misconduct of an individual, business or government entity obtain financial compensation to rebuild their lives.

Family Law

There is a broad range of family law matters, including divorce, paternity actions, child custody and child support proceedings, and the resolution of these issues may have serious long-term consequences on your relationship to your children and financial ability to support your family.


When you are facing the prospect of divorce, you may have serious concerns about the future. Most parties to a divorce worry about their future financial stability and their relationship with their children.


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