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We generally take pride in the “stuff” we acquire over time — yet we rarely plan to make sure our things are protected from creditors, divorce, or otherwise. If you want to protect your assets or plan for the eventuality of your demise, estate planning is essential. If you don’t want your brother to get your things, you better make a plan because if you die without one, the State will decide who gets your beloved motorcycle. Indiana has rules that say who gets what when a person dies without a will (we call this intestate succession.). If you did not want something to go to someone in your immediate family, you must plan for that or it will go to them.

Maybe you have minor children. Do you know what would happen to your children if — the unthinkable happens and you die in a catastrophic event today or even if you get sick before you can plan for them? This recently happened to me and I honestly thought I was going to pass away and leave my daughter without having told her everything I wanted her to know. I actually refused to go to the hospital until I finished writing my daughter a letter. It was heartbreaking to me to think I could die before I was able to tell her in a way she would be able to have forever. Telling her in person just did not seem to be meaningful enough. She would be subject to forgetting or worse, she may not understand what I mean.

Part of my practice in estate planning is the product of my recent health scare. When you make a plan with me, I provide you with a video legacy. This involves me interviewing you on camera for your family. During your video debut, you can take the time to read a letter, or I can interview you for prompts on how to address your family. You need to tell the guardians of your children what is important and how you want your children raised in a meaningful and forever way. This is a precious momento that I’m able to provide your family at a time when you are not able to do so yourself. It is my goal to be there for your family when you are not able to. If you are able to give your family anything, giving the gift of planning for your children and family after your death is the most thoughtful gift you may ever give.

Do you know who would take care of your children if you did not come home today? I didn’t until I had my health scare. I’m a single parent and my daughter’s father lives in another state. So he would not immediately take over. So my daughter could be put into foster care had I not planned for her care. Instead, I know in the event something happens to me, I have created a card that I carry who tells of her guardian and how to contact her guardian in the event something happens to me and I’m unable to make it home to my daughter. Not only is this essential in the event I die, but even if I become sick and am unable to make arrangements for her it can prove more than its weight in gold. My laminated card tells your family or medical professionals all they need to know in the time it is most critical. It also has my firm information and contact so I can jump in and help in all the ways I can. This means I have already collected all of your information about your accounts and have it all in one place and it is ready to be transferred with the least possible court intervention or tax consequences possible. Call my office today at 574.400.3623 to start your plan today. Don’t wait another day. Your children deserve it and so do you. We will work with your accountant or financial planners to be sure all of your assets are transferred smoothly both during your lifetime and after.

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